LAMNS Mission, Vision and Values

NS Museum
Libraries, Archives and Museums Nova Scotia (LAMNS) is a collaborative network comprised of the following organizations/associations:

  • Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM)
  • Council of Nova Scotia Archives (CNSA)
  • Council of Regional Librarians (CORL)
  • Novanet
  • Nova Scotia Archives (NSA)
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Library (NSPL)
  • Nova Scotia Museum (NSM)


LAMNS increases the capacity of the network to share resources and to identify opportunities for high impact collaboration.

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LAMNS will contribute to the educational, social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Nova Scotia by:

  • Enhancing engagement and creative partnerships
  • Developing innovative programs and services
  • Enriching and expanding access to our collections
  • Building a world class network of library, archive and museum professionals


  • Foster a culture of cooperation
  • Encourage innovation and creativity
  • Ensure a foundation of inclusivity and respect
  • Commit to diversity and accessibility
  • Share knowledge and expertise